Some motivation for you to STAY FIT & STAY HEALTHY!!

RUN forest RUN!!

I ♥ RUNNING!! Sometimes i hope i can just run every single day but too bad i can’t! (time restriction .. & sometimes because i’m too lazy to run 😛 ). So what i usually do is, every week i will try my best to run every Sunday, & i’ve set my mind to run at least 7km every time i go running. Why i love & i go running? Here are the reasons!!

  1. To de-stress!
  2. A good way to enjoy music + outdoor environment
  3. Since i also love to eat, it’s a good way to burn calories
  4. Eat more calories later on 😛
  5. To stay fit & healthy
  6. Enjoy my ‘alone’ time
  7. Help me to keep on moving (not only when i run)
  8. A way for me to get my ‘endorphin rush’
  9. It’s fun!
  10. Running is my DRUG .. will feel so uneasy if i don’t go out & run!!

By the way, every time i go out to run, i will make sure i have my MP3 player on, a bottle of water on my right hand & my blackberry on my left hand! I need to have my phone because every time i run, i will use ‘Endomondo’ to keep track of my running! I’ve blog about the apps before … click on this link if you haven’t read about it!

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Image source: Pinterest