Travel Tips to China


After several trips to China, I decided to share these few tips that might be useful to know if you planning to visit China.

Capital City: Beijing

Currency: Renminbi (RMB, ¥)

Timezone: GMT +8

Language: Mandarin (official) & countless regional dialects

Visa: Required (A MUST!). Please check on the validity period and entry frequency (multiple or 2 times, etc.) before going to China.

Electricity: 220V/50Hz

Plug type:

plug type_i_large

Weather:China is one of the countries that have climatic conditions that resemble those of regions in the northern hemisphere. The best season to visit china is in autumn or spring since the weather is very conducive.


  • Please make sure to keep your boarding pass with the luggage tag/sticker if you have checked-in luggage because the authority at the airport will check upon exit to make sure people are taking the correct luggage.
  • If you are planning to visit several places within China by train, you can purchase the train ticket online. Make sure to book it earlier and if possible do take first class.
  • If you are on a work trip and need to claim back your money, ask for ‘invoice’ instead of ‘receipt’ because most of them use the terms invoice instead of receipt (easier for them to understand). For some places (especially outside city center), the receptionist might not understand English so use this word ‘Fāpiào’ (means invoice in Mandarin)

Guangdong & Xiamen, China



Timezone : UTC+08:00

Currency: Renminbi (RMB, ¥)

Visa: Required

Plug adapter:

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Went for a business trip to China. Travel from Kuala Lumpur to several city in Guangdong Province to Xiamen and back to Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t really have time to go for sightseeing since I was at the work place then hotel then work place then hotel for few days! However the hotels I’ve stayed in are very nice!! Here are some photos to share

Fly to Guangzhou from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia. If you realized, I was an ‘alien’ while I was in China :p


From Guangzhou airport, it takes 3 hours drive to reach the first hotel:


20130820_004203 20130820_013858 20130820_004656

Some scenery while on my way to work in Huizhou

20130820_091016 20130820_091017

After work, travel by car for few hours and reach second hotel:


20130820_202227 20130820_203438 20130821_000943 20130821_000931  20130821_070937 20130820_210927 20130820_210929 20130820_210934 20130821_074102

After work, travel around 2 hours by car and reach third hotel:


20130821_192845 20130821_192952 20130821_193824 20130821_193912 20130821_215404 20130821_215409 20130821_194844 20130821_194920 20130822_075000

Next destination is Xiamen. Since it is quite far to drive there, took a flight from Shenzhen international Airport to Xiamen International Airport by China Southern Airlines. At the airport, ate my favourite burger in China which is the KFC Shrimp Burger!

20130822_175916 20130822_181023 20130822_184458 20130822_184605 20130822_185743 20130822_190124

It was 1 hour flight from Shenzhen to Xiamen (minus the delay). Took a taxi and reach fourth hotel:


20130822_233735 20130822_233824 20130822_234113 20130823_074121 20130823_074126

While I was in Xiamen finally have the chance to go out and have did some sightseeing/shopping

20130823_191623 20130823_192110 20130823_214555