RUN forest RUN!!

I ♥ RUNNING!! Sometimes i hope i can just run every single day but too bad i can’t! (time restriction .. & sometimes because i’m too lazy to run 😛 ). So what i usually do is, every week i will try my best to run every Sunday, & i’ve set my mind to run at least 7km every time i go running. Why i love & i go running? Here are the reasons!!

  1. To de-stress!
  2. A good way to enjoy music + outdoor environment
  3. Since i also love to eat, it’s a good way to burn calories
  4. Eat more calories later on 😛
  5. To stay fit & healthy
  6. Enjoy my ‘alone’ time
  7. Help me to keep on moving (not only when i run)
  8. A way for me to get my ‘endorphin rush’
  9. It’s fun!
  10. Running is my DRUG .. will feel so uneasy if i don’t go out & run!!

By the way, every time i go out to run, i will make sure i have my MP3 player on, a bottle of water on my right hand & my blackberry on my left hand! I need to have my phone because every time i run, i will use ‘Endomondo’ to keep track of my running! I’ve blog about the apps before … click on this link if you haven’t read about it!

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Endomondo – Fitness apps


Track your workouts, challenge your friends, analyze your training!!

LOVE this apps!! Use this to track your workout time, distance, calories burn, etc… PLUS you can share to your facebook!! and also you don’t have to pay for it since its FREE!! (FREE is the keyword here i think 😛 )

Download this apps directly to your phone (works with BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc) & start using it immediately. Wonder how it looks like on your phone? See below pic (nice??)


Want to know more about this apps? Visit Endomondo’s website now!!

Btw, i am using this apps & LOVING IT!!