Yes! Today is Saturday the 14th but YESTERDAY was FRIDAY THE 13TH!! (I’m late by 1 day :P) . I am NOT superstitious so I don’t really care about ‘the’ Friday the 13th! However i AM a movie maniac so whenever people are talking about Friday the 13th, all I can think of are my favourite movie superheroes;- JASON VOORHEES and FREDDY KRUEGER!! Love you Jason & Freddy!!

If you don’t know who these ‘lovely’ characters are, shame on you! 😛 So i better give them an introduction!

INTRODUCING…JASON VOORHEES!! (applause sound effect)


This guy’s name is Jason Voorhees & his full-time work is a mass-murderer + psychopath. His signature weapon is a machete and primary location will be Camp Crystal Lake. His special ability? He has superhuman strength, regenerative power and near invulnerability. He’s motivation to kill is driven by immoral actions of his victims and his own rage over having drowned as a child. His hobby? maybe playing hockey because he always has his hockey mask on! hehehe

Now, the next contender..please welcome.. FREDDY KRUEGER!!!


His name is Freddy Krueger, son of Amanda Krueger. His full name is actually Frederick Charles Krueger, but you can just call him Freddy. He is married to Loretta Krueger and they had a daughter, Maggie. If you are wondering what happen to his face, well, he was burned to death by his victims’ parents, but TADAAAA!! he returned back as a ghost-like entity, inhabiting the ‘DREAM WORLD’, where he haunts & kills the victims in their nightmares! His signature weapon is a work glove with sharp blades affixed to the four fingers. I hope you won’t be dreaming if him tonight, but if you do, give him a hug! Seems like he is actually asking for a hug in the picture 😛


In 2003, the film-maker made a very brilliant movie where they combine these 2 lovely characters in the movie ‘Freddy VS Jason’. It’s a cross-over between Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy), and Friday the 13th (Jason) franchises. Not going into detail about the movie, so you better watch it!

I hope my introduction to these 2 beloved characters of mine will be interesting enough for you! Their movies are superb, so you better watch!! I’ve been watching their movies since i was in kindergarten (but i still watch cartoon!). I love them before & I still love them now!

Image source: Pinterest