AvatarOn Switch by Schneider Electric

AvatarOn switches by Schneider Electric don’t just tell personal stories, they do it while providing advanced functionality and exquisite style for your home. And with their sleek, frameless build, they perfectly complement any interior decor.


To order your personalized AvatarOn switch, visit https://www.photobook.com.my/home-decor/schneider-avataron-switch-cover and remember to use this voucher code for 40% off: JULY19

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Color your world with Philips LivingColors Bloom!

18 feb

Find out more about this product: http://bit.ly/14z0WN1

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Lighting Feng Shui from Philips

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, you might consider to readjusting the ‘qi’ in your home. Here are some Feng Shui tips from Master Zhao to keep your home balanced and prosperous for the New Year.

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Philips Lighting Malaysia – New Opening Promotion

philips opening promo

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Philips Lighting Malaysia – Lightover Videos


Philips Lighting Malaysia held a ‘Lightover Contest’ earlier where 6 lucky home owners will stand a chance to win a lightover for their home. Now the lightover is complete & here’s the outcome! Watch it & share it! 🙂

  • Kidsroom Lightover – Light up little kids creativity
  • Livingroom Lightover – The right kind of bright
  • Bedroom Lightover – From gloomy to awesome ambiance
  • Dining room Lightover – The final touch to the perfect home
  • Livingroom Lightover – Bring smiles to the family room
  • Livingroom Lightover – My home is now my heaven

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