Shanghai, Zhejiang – China


Went to China again for work. Similar to my previous visit to China, most of the time I was only at the factories and hotels, and moving from one place to another. So here’s my journey to another part of China.


Timezone : UTC+08:00

Currency: Renminbi (RMB, ¥)

Visa: Required

Plug adapter:

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Since it was a busy week in China and a lot of people traveling due to the Golden Week, I didn’t manage to get a direct ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai via Malaysia Airlines. So as another option, went there from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific Airways and then from Hong Kong to Shanghai via Dragonair. Since I move around when I was in China, took another route to go back to Kuala Lumpur. From Hangzhou to Hong Kong via Dragonair and Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur via Cathay Pacific Airways. If you are a muslim, please request for Muslim food


Millennium HongQiao Hotel Shanghai

First hotel I stayed in was Millennium HongQiao Hotel Shanghai.

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Xiangmei International Hotel

Next hotel, Xiangmei International Hotel in Wuxi. If you are a Muslim, there a several restaurants selling Halal food around the hotel. There’s one just across the road from the hotel.

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China Railway High-Speed (CRH) Train

Next destination is Zhejiang. Took a train from Wuxi to Shanghai Hong Qiao (1 hour) and then Shanghai Hong Qiao to Yiwu (2.5 hours).

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Haitian Hotel

Stayed in Haitian Hotel for 2 nights. My room even have a private sauna! What a surprise! Maybe that is why there’s the word ‘SPA’ on my room no

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ZTG Grand Hotel Airport Hangzhou Hotel

Last hotel I stayed in was ZTG Grand Hotel Airport Hangzhou Hotel. This hotel is located 3 minutes away from Hangzhou International Airport and there’s a free shuttle bus provided from hotel to airport. That is why I stayed here since I need to catch a morning flight back to Malaysia

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