Hong Kong Disneyland!



Timezone : UTC+08:00

Currency: Hong Kong dollar

Visa: Not required for Malaysian


You can go to Hong Kong via several air lines but i went there by ferry from Macau. (Since I was already in Macau at that time).


From the ferry terminal to Disneyland, I just take the subway. Take a train from Sheung Wan station to Central Station. From there take another train to Sunny Bay and from Sunny Bay you can take a train to Disneyland.

20130525_111952 20130525_115546


Went for a day trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was quite fun but too bad I didn’t manage to watch the fireworks. Need to rush back to the ferry terminal.

Bought my ticket online from their website: Hong Kong Disneyland website

If you bought the ticket online, make sure to bring the credit card you used to purchased the ticket. You will need it to claim the ticket at the ticketing kiosk.

Some photos to share

20130525_120223 20130525_121727 20130525_141412 20130525_144438 20130525_144632 20130525_153953 20130525_174250 20130525_154224 20130525_164332 20130525_171053 20130525_171800 20130525_172540 20130525_174204 20130525_174853 20130525_180808 20130525_181007 20130525_180845 20130525_174428 20130525_183128 20130525_144412


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