City of Casinos…Macau!



Timezone : UTC+08:00

Currency: Macanese Pataca (MOP), can also use Hong Kong dollar

Visa: Not required for Malaysian

Plug adapter: 3 pin type (can also use 2 pin (round) type)

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Went there as usual by Air Asia!

20130526_181751 20130526_193307 20130526_200012


Spent a few nights at Rio Casino Hotel

20130523_162650 20130523_162748 20130523_162825


Grand Prix Museum

20130523_105855 20130523_105915 20130523_110142 20130523_110238 20130523_110225 20130523_110712

Golden Lotus Square

20130523_112624 20130523_112652

Fisherman’s Wharf

20130523_114940 20130523_115132 20130523_120755 20130523_121002 20130523_121124 20130523_121211 20130523_121647 20130523_122114

A-Ma Temple

20130523_140412 20130523_140856 20130523_141044

Ruin’s of St. Paul

20130523_150852 20130523_145733 20130523_150903

Largo do Senado – rows and rows of shops along the small street. From St. Paul’s Ruins, just walk down. From here to St. Paul Ruins, just walk up 😛 Walk even further you will reach Senado Square


Senado Square – there’s a shop selling egg tart (which is something that you MUST eat) that uses butter made from vegetable oil!

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Macau Tower – You can have a good view of Macau here, as well as go for bungy jump!

20130524_135542 20130524_140044 20130524_140714(0) 20130524_140745(0) 20130524_142527 20130524_142345 20130524_135824 20130524_140857 20130524_144027

Casino – Macau is famous for its casino. So you can find it everywhereee..and most of the casino will have a performance. Example the water fountain performance

20130523_194213 20130523_195538 20130524_231959 20130523_200204 20130523_200217

The House of Dancing Water – If you are in Macau, don’t miss a chance to go watch the performance. It is reallyyyy good! Just make sure you have make reservation in advance

20130524_191112 20130524_191338


There are not much of halal food around so vegetarian or seafood is the only choice. However I do find some Halal wonton soup noodle at 7-Eleven.


And I finally find a Halal restaurant after hours wondering around the Senado Square. It is not really situated at Senado Square but it is around that area. Can’t remember the exact location. The food is quite nice especially if you like spicy food!

20130526_141051 20130526_141850 20130526_142321 20130526_142918 20130526_144331


3 thoughts on “City of Casinos…Macau!

  1. Hi, may I know the name of the egg tart store that you went in Senado Square? I heard Macau has the best portuguese egg tart so I really want to try them. Thanks in advance!

  2. Wow..sounds good… may i know is this egg tart halal?? Is there any place in macau that i can find halal egg tart? Thank you

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