Madame Tussaud – Amsterdam



Timezone : UTC+01:00

Currency: Euro (€)

Plug adapter:

type_f_large type_c_large


Had a GREAT time at Madame Tussaud!! Here are some (a lot) photos to share 🙂

P1110316 P1110331 P1110337P1110340P1110342P1110350P1110351 P1110353P1110362P1110363P1110364P1110367P1110369P1110372P1110377P1110381P1110383P1110401P1110439P1110455P1110464P1110473P1110476P1110478P1110480P1110493P1110525P1110532P1110545P1110547P1110556P1110559

And this is me with my long lost best friends! 😛

P1110357 P1110373 P1110384 P1110445 P1110460 P1110488 P1110539 P1110553

For more detail on tickets, location, opening hours, etc., visit their official website:

3 thoughts on “Madame Tussaud – Amsterdam

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