2012 Getaway Moments

Looking back at some of my 2012 getaway moments 🙂

Bali, Indonesia [CLICK HERE]


Johor Bahru, Malaysia [CLICK HERE]


Penang, Malaysia [CLICK HERE]


Port Dickson, Malaysia [CLICK HERE]


Krabi, Thailand [CLICK HERE]


Malacca, Malaysia [CLICK HERE]


Perhentian Island, Malaysia [CLICK HERE]


Shanghai, China [CLICK HERE]


My FIRST SOLO Getaway – Bali, Indonesia

Legian Beach, Bali


Timezone : UTC+08:00

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Visa: Not required for Malaysian

Plug adapter:



There are several ways to go to Bali. Since I’m going there from Kuala Lumpur, the easiest would be to just take a direct flight. Managed to buy a ticket on promotional price from Air Asia. Paid only RM371 for return tickets!! If you go to Bali by flight, you will land at Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport.

Please take note that you will need to pay airport departure tax upon departure from Bali. It can be paid in cash and in Indonesian Rupiah only. The rate will be Rp 150,000 (international departure) and Rp 40,000 (domestic departure). So do remember to keep enough money with you. Infants under 2 years old are exempted from departure tax.

P1090055 P1090058 P1110081


Visa on arrival: Westerners can just apply for Visa upon arrival. Just bring along your passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, 2 recent passport photos and $25.

Visa in advance: Obtain visa from Indonesian embassy before arrival.

Visa waiver: Show passport, get stamped & that’s it! Applies to selected, mostly ASEAN countries – including Malaysia! 🙂


Getting around Bali is not that difficult. You can rent your own car or bike (you will need to have an International Driving Permit), walk (I did this from Seminyak-Kuta-Seminyak), take a taxi (use Blue Bird since it’s quite cheap & the the most reliable taxi company) or hire a driver (I did this for 3 days tour)


Visiting places like Tanah Lot, Kintamani, Jimbaran, etc. will definitely requires driving and NOT walking. For my 3 days tour, I did hire a driver. Managed to get a contact from the internet and I was so glad that I asked him to be my driver, or known as SUPIR. He was so nice & since he is local, he knows A LOT of interesting places. I provided him with my own itinerary but it changed along the way; added with a lot of interesting places! He also knows a lot of people there so he can help you to get a very nice deal for example for a spa treatment or water sport package. The price for his service is one of the cheapest that I can find. Price is based on per car (not per head & his car – MPV, can fit 7 people! The more people, the cheaper it will be). Price include car+petrol+driver. He is also a music teacher there, so I did learn how to play RINDIK or Bamboo music from him. Such a good & enjoyable experience! See us playing a duet by [CLICKING HERE]. If you are planning to go to Bali, please do contact him (you won’t regret it! I promise you!) and just tell him, TEH (that’s me) recommended him to you. 😉


Since I went there alone, the word BUDGET is always on my mind. Stayed at Tune Hotels,  Legian for 7 days 6 nights & it was awesome! The rate is quite cheap (get a promotion price), paid Rp 1,225,428, around RM400, for a double room with TV. The room is simple yet the bed is super comfortable! The location is also awesome! Shops + minimart + spa along the street, WARUNG MURAH (a good place to eat Indonesian food) is near the hotel, and the best thing is, it’s just 5 minutes walk to Legian beach!
P1090693 P1110065 P1090059 P1090060 P1090061 P1090062


Here’s my itinerary for my 7 days in Bali. Worth every second & every rupiah spent! 😉

Day 1

  • Fly from KL to Bali
  • Check in Tune Hotels, Legian

Day 2 (day tour using driver service)

  • Pick up at hotel – 8.30 am
  • Barong & Kris Dance (Rp 100,000)
  • Shopping at Hawaii Bali Oleh Oleh
  • Nusa Dua – Theater area
  • Nusa Dua Tanjong Benoa – water sport area
  • Lunch at Seafood Lagoon
  • Golden Kirrin Coffee Factory
  • Padang Padang Beach – location for Eat, Pray, Love movie
  • Uluwatu (Rp 20,000)
  • Dinner at Jimbaran Bay – dinner on the beach + sunset

Day 3

  • Breakfast at Legian Beach
  • Walk from Legian Beach to Kuta – stopping by shops along Jalan Legian, Ground Zero: Bali Bombing Memorial Park, Kuta Art Market & Discovery Mall
  • Walk back from Kuta to hotel
  • Hangout at Legian Beach + watching sunset

Day 4 (day tour using driver service)

  • Pick up at hotel – 9.00 am
  • Mengwi, Taman Ayun (Rp 15,000)
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Lunch at Pacung – rice terrace view
  • Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Bedugul (Rp 30,000)
  • Bali Butterfly Park (Rp 65,000)
  • Monkey Forest (Rp 20,000, and do give some tips to the guide)
  • Tanah Lot (Rp 30,000)

Day 5 (day tour using driver service)

  • Pick up at hotel – 9.00 am
  • Sari Amertha Batik
  • Segaru Windu – basket weaving
  • Prapen Jewellery – gold & silver
  • Traditional Balinese Style House (do give some tips to the home owner)
  • Art Gallery
  • Wood Carving
  • Lunch at Kintamani – volcano mountain view (entrance fee Rp 15,000, exclude lunch)
  • Pura Besakih (Rp 20,000 + donation fee)
  • Mahagiri – rice terrace view + coffee plantation
  • Kertha Gosa (Rp 12,000)
  • Tegenungan Waterfall (Rp 5,000)
  • Kecak & Fire Dance – at Batu Bulan (Rp 100,000)
  • Shopping at Krishna

NOTES: Please be aware that there might be some people that will try to con you at Pura Besakih. They will tell you that you will NEED A TOUR GUIDE so that you can walk around all the places inside and they will ask you to pay around Rp 300,000 or more. You can just say no & can still walk around the place with no restriction. Once you have passed the ‘guides’, there will still be someone saying the same thing but they claim to be the ‘Pura keeper’. They will bring you around and once finish, they will ask for money, and keep asking you to pay more! I’m talking based on experience. If you need a guide then it’s ok. If no, just say no.

Day 6

  • Brunch at Warung Murah
  • Wander around Seminyak on foot
  • Hangout in hotel – resting + watching movie
  • Legian beach – surfing lesson
  • Aromatic Balinese Full Body Massage

Day 7

  • Checkout from hotel – latest is 11.00 am
  • Brunch at Warung Murah
  • Manicure
  • Off to airport


  • Nusa Dua & Tanjong Benoa – a place to enjoy great scenery & water sport

P1090163 P1090158P1090176 P1090170 P1090169 P1090180 P1090189 P1090190 P1090192

  • Padang Padang Beach – the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ featuring Julia Roberts was shot here

P1090263 P1090271 P1090315 P1090303 P1090268 P1090276 P1090272 P1090285 P1090297 P1090280

  • Uluwatu – Pura by the cliff. Just be careful with the monkeys here. Keep your sunglasses in your bag because they might steal it 😉

P1090320 P1090323 P1090391 P1090393 P1090406 P1090347 P1090348 P1090353 P1090372 P1090376 P1090417 P1090435 P1090439

  • Jimbaran Bay – a nice & romantic place to enjoy dinner on the beach while watching sunset

P1090444 P1090445 P1090453 P1090452 P1090451 P1090482 P1090457 P1090458 P1090459 P1090493 P1090497 P1090499 P1090510 P1090511 P1090513

  • Taman Ayun, Mengwi

P1090694 P1090704 P1090721 P1090756 P1090715 P1090720 P1090736

  • Pacung – enjoy lunch with rice terrace view

P1090807 P1090808 P1090835 P1090836 P1090806 P1090816 P1090830

  • Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Bedugul

P1090846 P1090850 P1090851 P1090855 P1090854 P1090862 P1090858 P1090867 P1090888 P1090880

  • Bali Butterfly Park

P1090938 P1090937 P1090942 P1090952 P1090970 P1090953 P1090963 P1090986 P1090965 P1090978 P1090981

  • Monkey Forest

P1100096 P1100030 P1100032 P1100037 P1100038 P1100040 P1100044 P1100055 P1100058 P1100093 P1100090 P1100081 P1100061 P1100062 P1100063 P1100065

  • Tanah Lot

P1100128 P1100100 P1100127 P1100101 P1100106 P1100105 P1100122 P1100136 P1100134 P1100137 P1100140 P1100151 P1100150 P1100170 P1100173 P1100175

  • Kintamani – mountain view. Raining & foggy when I was there so not much of nice photos but this is a very nice place with very nice view (if the sky is clear).

P1100394 P1100401 P1100432

  • Pura Besakih – also known as mother of all temple

P1100448 P1100453 P1100461 P1100474 P1100480 P1100482 P1100512 P1100486 P1100491 P1100492 P1100526

  • Mahagiri – rice terrace view. Great for having lunch or just go to the coffee plantation

P1100554 P1100531 P1100532 P1100538 P1100556 P1100560 P1100587 P1100588 P1100591

  • Kertha Gosa

P1100600 P1100611 P1100616 P1100621 P1100633 P1100675

  • Tegenungan Waterfall

P1100688 P1100689 P1100693

  • Kuta – The most happening and crowded place. Kuta beach is also the most popular beach for tourist who go to Bali. It is the center of tourism.

P1090609 P1090604 P1090611 P1090613 P1090614 P1090623 P1090592 P1090594 P1090601

  • Legian & Seminyak – Full of shops along the street & beautiful beach! I love Legian Beach!

P1090539 P1090546 P1090567 P1090522 P1090532 P1090537 P1090657 P1090658 P1090665

  • Ubud – A town with all Bali cultural attractions which includes temples, traditional performances, handicraft such as painting, batik, basket weaving and wood carving. It is a popular center for exploring Bali’s countryside and rich culture.

P1100294 P1100295 P1100305 P1100315 P1100311 P1100329 P1100360 P1100352 P1100353

  • Lovina – go to Lovina for dolphin watching but you need to wake up really early 😉
  • Gitgit Waterfall – if you do go to Lovina, don’t forget to stop by Gitgit Waterfall


  • Barong & Kris Dance

P1090082 P1090083 P1090092 P1090110 P1090075 P1090113 P1090117 P1090128 P1090129 P1090131

P1100713 P1100714 P1100716 P1100735 P1100745 P1100770 P1100860 P1100908 P1100920 P1100922

  • Go to the beach or Tanjong Benoa – swim, relax, surf, snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat, paragliding, etc. Had my first surfing lesson at Legian Beach & it was awesome! Manage to stand on my third attempt 😉 I can’t swim but at least I can say that i can surf … a little 😛

P1090225 P1090226 P1090227 P1110046 P1110047 P1110048 P1110049 P1110050 P1110051

  • Watch sunset or sunrise

P1090668 P1090669 P1090677 P1090674 P1090675 P1090676

  • Get a spa treatment

P1110062 P1110076

  • Enjoy or buy coffee at coffee factory or coffee plantation

P1090262 P1090257 P1090259 P1090776 P1090763 P1090799 P1090778 P1090781 P1090782 P1090787 P1090792 P1090788 P1090796 P1090770 P1090779

  • Watch ceremonies at local temple (also known as ‘PURA’)

P1090627 P1090633 P1090638 P1090641 P1090644 P1090646 P1100248 P1100255 P1100258

  • Watch or learn traditional dances or music

P1090229 P1090230 P1090234

  • Sight-seeing – do visit all of those interesting places
  • White water rafting, ATV, hiking, elephant ride
  • Go to night safari or Bali zoo
  • Shopping
  • Enjoy local food


There are many places where you can just go and buy souvenirs, etc. There are a lot of shops along Jalan Legian, Kuta Art Market, etc. The most important thing to remember is to HAGGLE! As you walk, there might be sellers trying to sell you things. If you are not interested do let them know and don’t ask if you are not really interested. They are trying to make a living so do not waste their time.

P1090584 P1090617 P1090561 P1090550 P1090585 P1090589 P1090591

If haggling is not for you, do go to Hawaii Bali Oleh Oleh or Krishna. The prices for all items are fix but it is sooooo dammmnnnn cheap!! I prefer to shop at these 2 places compared to shops along the street. Believe me, all items are SO CHEAPPPPP!!!!

P1090133 P1090134 P1090135 P1090137 P1090138 P1090139


P1090318 P1090319 P1100290 P1090456 P1090470 P1090476 P1090792 P1100363 P1100364 P1090521 P1090615 P1110079 P1090249 P1090808 P1090809

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SNEAK PREVIEW – Bali Getaway, Kecak & Fire Dance

Watched Kecak & Fire dance during my getaway in Bali. Very interesting performance. I prefer Kecak & Fire dance compared to Barong & Kris (sorry but didn’t capture any video for this). Videos are in parts. Too long to capture full performance. You need to go there if you want to watch full performance 😀


After the performance, you are welcome to take photos with the performers

P1100954 P1100963 P1100966 P1100968

SNEAK PREVIEW – Bali Getaway

Learn to play RINDIK or BAMBOO MUSIC when I was in Bali. Please excuse me if it doesn’t really sounds nice. First time playing. Anyhow … I’m just playing the base for beginners 😛

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Philips Lighting Malaysia – Lightover Videos


Philips Lighting Malaysia held a ‘Lightover Contest’ earlier where 6 lucky home owners will stand a chance to win a lightover for their home. Now the lightover is complete & here’s the outcome! Watch it & share it! 🙂

  • Kidsroom Lightover – Light up little kids creativity
  • Livingroom Lightover – The right kind of bright
  • Bedroom Lightover – From gloomy to awesome ambiance
  • Dining room Lightover – The final touch to the perfect home
  • Livingroom Lightover – Bring smiles to the family room
  • Livingroom Lightover – My home is now my heaven

Philips Lighting Malaysia: www.facebook.com/PhilipsLightingMalaysia

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Philips Lighting Malaysia Facebook

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