Fun-filled Holiday – Clubmed Cherating



Timezone : GMT +08:00

Currency: Ringgit Malaysia (RM or MYR)

Plug adapter:

type_g_large1 Korea-Type-Power-Cord-YP205-2-


Cherating is a nice beach located in the state of Pahang. The latest visit there (actually 2 years ago, 2010), I only stayed within Clubmed area and didn’t really go out. However I won’t really complain since it is such a nice place to be.

Within Clubmed itself, there are a lot of activities that can be done. A lot of facilities such as spa, gym, swimming pool, playground, squash & tennis court, archery, golf, mini cinema, sports area, and trapeze are available! During night time, there will be different entertainment & performances, which will be performed by the staffs themselves at the theater. FUN FUN FUN!! 😀

If going to the beach is more of your thing, don’t worry! They have their own private beach so there’s not much of a crowd. If you prefer a more crowded beach, go can still go out! 😉

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