BALI! Here I come!

Just confirmed another getaway … this time I would be going to Bali (but only in December). CAN’T WAIT!!

PS: If you have any tips or information that you would like to share, PLEASE do so! 🙂


Island Getaway – Krabi, Thailand


Going to Krabi is not really on my plan for this year. It’s a random thing that I suddenly decided to do (and because out of the blue my friend text me and ask whether I want to go there..and I just said YES!!) … I am DAMN HAPPY THAT I SAID YES!! It’s was an amazing getaway! 😀


Timezone : UTC+07:00

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

Visa: Not required for Malaysian

Plug adapter:



Went there for 5 days 4 nights by Air Asia. The price for the flight ticket is quite reasonable. Can’t really remember how much but it cost around RM300+ (return tickets: KL-Krabi-KL).


Stayed in Ao Nang during my getaway. Ao Nang is a peaceful town and I really like it!! Shops, restaurants, cafes, massage center, tour agencies, hotels, banks etc. can be found everywhere along the road so it is very convenient to stay in Ao Nang.

There are a lot of nice hotels, resorts and even guesthouses on Krabi Island. During my stay there, I stayed in Ao Nang Topview in Ao Nang town. The price is quite reasonable but depends on season. Condition is good. There’s TV, hot shower, air-conditioning + fan, locker to keep your valuable things (like your passport), nice bed, cafe, etc. Since Ao Nang town is not really that big, the location of all the hotels are good – since everything is within walking distance.


Went to Krabi again few months later but this time during peak season. The price during peak and non-peak season can be veryyyyy different! During peak season, the price might double the price during non-peak season. So this time I stayed at PK Mansion. It is run by the same people who run Ao Nang Topview (a place I stayed in earlier), but PK Mansion is a bit run down compare to Ao Nang Topview.


Getting to Ao Nang from Krabi International Airport is quite easy. You can choose either to take a bus, taxi or mini van. Taxi cost around 600 Baht. Not so sure about other options.

To move around Krabi, Ao Nang or any other places, you can take either the mini van, ‘tuk tuk’ or rent a motorbike. The cheapest & healthiest way would be by foot a.k.a WALKING! That’s what I did but only around Ao Nang town since everything is within walking distance.


There are a lot of tour that you can choose from such as island hopping, scuba diving, jungle tracking, ATV, water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, etc. Usually, during the journey from the airport to hotel, the taxi driver will stop by a shop and someone will come and ask you to purchase their tour program. I recommend NOT TO PURCHASE any tour program at the airport or along the way since it is more expensive compared to the tour agencies that open up their business in Ao Nang town. Remember to bargain, bargain and bargain for almost everything there, including for the tour program.

I purchased 3 tour from Orchid Tour agency. If you are a Muslim, choosing this agency is recommended since they provide Halal food:-

  • Phi Phi Island tour – paid 900 Baht. Travel around using speed boat. Visited several islands such as Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay (where the movie ‘THE BEACH’ was filmed), etc and buffet lunch included.Transportation from and back to hotel also included. They also provide life vest + goggle and drinks on the boat.


  • 4-in-1 jungle tour – paid 900 Baht. Went to the Hot Spring (photos: first row), Emerald Pool – walk 600m from Emerald Pool, you will reach the Blue Pool which is soooo amazing! (photos: second row), Elephant ride (photos: third row) and Tiger Cave Temple – I CLIMBED UP THE STEPS TO THE TOP!! (photos: fourth row). Lunch and transportation from and back to hotel included.

  • 4 Islands Tour – get it for 400 Baht. You can choose to take a longtail boat instead of speed boat (that was what I did) and you can save around 500 Baht. Visited several islands such as Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island etc. Lunch included (beach buffet on an island and there’s only a few people there! Such a wonderful experience!). They also provide transportation from and back to hotel, life vest + goggle and drinks on the boat.

Other than that you can also go for a massage. I went to the same place almost everyday! They even give you discount if you are a regular customer and the normal price before discount is already quite cheap. Only 200 Baht for traditional Thai full body massage!


There’s a lot of shops selling souvenirs along the road in Ao Nang but I would also suggest for you to go to Krabi Town Night Market (Friday to Sunday). It’s a good place to enjoy night time + eat + shop. Just take a Tuk Tuk (around 400 Baht) or the mini van. Remember to BARGAIN, BARGAIN & BARGAIN!!!

I would also suggest to buy the water-proof bag. VERY USEFUL! I bought the 10L Ocean Pack brand for 350 Baht but there’s one shop selling for 300 Baht. The first shop I went to selling it for 660 Baht! So do remember to ask around for price and bargain.

  • Ao Nang Town Shopping

  • Krabi Town Night Market – Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Restaurants and cafes can be found everywhere, including halal food! If you are in Krabi, do try out the pancake which comes in different flavours. It is quite similar to ‘roti canai’ but thinner and quite crispy. The fruit shake drink is also a must! Delicious & cheap!! A great way to enjoy food! 🙂




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Sneak Peek – KRABI Getaway

Just reached home from Krabi, Thailand and it was soooo muchhhh FUNNN!!! I will be writing about it later but now I need some rest! (back to work tomorrow). In the mean time, here’s something amazing that I really really reallyyy want to share – the BLUE POOL! If you want to know more about Krabi, you’ll have to check back later! 😉