Serenity … Pulau Tenggol

Even though i’m already 27 years old (gonna 27 on 9 july :P), I’ve never even heard of ‘Pulau Tenggol’ before. By the way, ‘Pulau’ means island, & ‘Tenggol’ is the name of the island. So basically, the place can also be called as Tenggol Island, and it is located in the state of Terengganu!

Last week (or last 2 weeks, can’t remember) my friend (Alan Chuah..the ‘ON’ man) thought of organizing a trip to Pulau Tenggol. So that’s the first time i’ve heard of this island! We MIGHT be going there next month .. the date? TBC!

I’ve been ‘asking’ some questions to ‘Mr Google’ & ‘Mr Yahoo’ … & below are some of the ‘answers’ & images i’ve gathered from them. Thank you ‘Mr Google’ & ‘Mr Yahoo’!! 😛


Here’s a video for you to watch!

For more details, please visit the island official website.

Official website:


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