Walk into ‘PASSION ROAD’

Few months back, we (we means me & the company & the department i work in), had an event, which lasted for several days. Several DAYS = several DINNERS = several EATERY i can go to & EAT! 😛

On the third night of the event, (which is also the last night before the event finally ended), we had an AWARD DINNER at Passion Road. I really really really love this place, especially because of the environment! Oh yeah, before the event actually took place, my colleague & i went there for food tasting … which i really enjoy doing! 😛

If you haven’t been there & wondering how does this place looks like, below are some photos to share. By the way, this restaurant is actually a bungalow, turned into a restaurant & a lot of people book this place for a private or corporate event like dinner or even for wedding! If your wedding’s colour theme is not pink & white like in the photos, you can change it so the place will reflect whatever your theme is!

Nice isn’t it?! OK now the food part! Below are SOME of the photos of FOOD!

To those who want to find a place for an event or just finding a place to eat, you can visit Passion Road! Below are the details of this place.

Website: http://www.passionroad.com.my/

Address: Passion Road Sdn Bhd, No.16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: (603)2166 7111

Fax: (603)2166 0711

Email: passion.rd@gmail.com / passionroad@passionroad.com.my


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