SCAN it! LIKE it!

Here is a QR code for you to scan!! After you have scan it, do LIKE! 😛

If you are not sure how to scan .. or maybe you don’t even know what QR code is, you have come to the correct place because i will be writing about it … now! (By the time you are reading this post, i’ve already finished writing about it)

What is QR code?

QR code, which stands for Quick Response code, is somewhat similar to a barcode. Previously designed for automotive industry, QR code nowadays are widely used as a marketing tool, since it is a good tool to connect people to a digital content (it can even connect people to people .. like using qr code to scan someone to be added on your BBM list)! Instead of having to type the URL, people can only scan the code, and they will immediately be directed to the content of .. whatever you want them to see. That is why you can see QR code on almost every printouts and ads, even on TV and in cinema! (but not on radio). The usage of QR code also rises because more and more people are using smartphone, which usually will have a QR code reader installed in it.

QR code reader @ scanner

So how to scan it? First you will need to have a smartphone. Second, you will need to download and install a QR code reader/scanner onto your phone. There are lots and lots of code reader that you can download for free, but as for me, I’m using NeoReader on my phone. You can visit their website by clicking on the link below.

Once you have downloaded it onto your phone, you can start using it! If you don’t really know how to use it, you can visit NeoReader website or do ask Mr Google or Mr Yahoo since i’m too lazy to write about it .. hahaha! If you are also lazy to ask Mr Google or Mr Yahoo, just click on this link:

Here’s another QR code for you to scan:

Generating QR code

To generate a QR code, you will need to pay at least 1,000 USD … if you believe me, then there’s something wrong with you 😛 To generate QR code for your blog, website, facebook page, etc. is soooooooo easy & free!! Click on this link to start generating your own QR Code! –>

Happy scanning!! 😛


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