It’s time to give your home a LIGHTOVER!

How good is your home lighting? Are you still treating your home lighting as something that can only help you to see? If yes, you really need to see what light can do!!

Yesterday Philips Lighting Malaysia held a See What Light Can Do event at MAP@Publika. During the event, they show cast a lot of interesting light fittings, divided into 5 different styles to suit 5 different personae. From there, you can really see how proper lighting can change the look of your home. During that event, they also announced that they will be organizing a contest which is a ‘Lightover Contest’! (I will talk more on the See What Light Can Do event in my later post since this post is all on the contest)

So here’s the poster for the contest …

From this poster you can already see how simple changes in lighting can really transform your home!! That is the exact message of what Philips Lighting Malaysia wants to convey to everybody & that is also what a ‘Lightover’ is.

To know more about the contest, visit Philips Lighting Malaysia facebook page and click on the ‘Lightover Contest’ tab. By the way, you can only see the details once you LIKE THE PAGE!! 😛

Here’s the link to the facebook page:

Here’s the link to the Lightover Contest tab: LIGHTOVER CONTEST

So people, visit the page now & enter the contest to give your home a new look!!!


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