LIGHT UP – New shopping experience to light up your world!

Have you ever been to a lighting shop and feels like you just want to go running out of the shop immediately? I do have that feeling because i will feel dizzy whenever i go to lighting shops!! Seeing all those light fittings being put and hung everywhere across the shop makes my brain stop functioning! 😛 and there’s also the fear that i might break something (once broken considered sold!).

However, the first time i went to Philips Brand Store, everything change! The experience of being in a lighting store is not as what it used to be. All the light fittings are properly organised and displayed, befitting consumer lifestyle and home environment. There’s even a separate switch for each of the fittings, so you can see how bright is that certain light fitting. You can actually go around the shops and play with all the switches, so you will have a hands-on interactive experience!

Philips Brand Store is actually themed into 3 key zones, which are inspire, explore and plan. Once you enter the store, you can actually get some inspiration by looking at the things that are prepared for the customer. Once you walk further into the shop, you will go into the explore zone, where you can explore all the products available. Later on, you will go into the plan zone where you can plan what product to put in your house, and where you want it to be. There’s even a consultant to help you with the planning. So, bringing a home plan to Philips Brand Store will be very helpful!!

If you are wondering how does this Philips Brand Store (lighting store) looks like, below are some photos of the store!


Image     Image

  Image   Image

Nice?? If you want to have a real-life experience, you can go to any of Philips Brand Store near you! For information on Philips Brand Store location (address, contact details, etc.), you can check out official Philips Lighting Malaysia facebook page and click on ‘Notes’. Can even click on the link provided below (AND REMEMBER TO LIKE THAT PAGE & SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!)

Philips Brand Store Addresses : Store Listings

Philips Lighting website:

Philips Lighting Brand Store site:

Philips Lighting facebook page:


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