Tamarind Hill – A welcoming space to enjoy exquisite Malaysian cuisine!!


Trying to find a nice restaurant with nice exquisite Malaysian cuisine? Head on to Tamarind Hill, Kuala Lumpur! Went there for the first time last month (for an event actually) & was very impress with the decoration throughout the whole restaurant!! I was even more impress when the food went into my mouth!! SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!

The restaurant during the day:

The damn nice ambiance at night:

The restaurant looks nice right???? Now it’s time to feature some of the food!!

I hope you are feeling hungry now!! 😛

By the way, this place is big enough to accommodate around 150 people (maybe more) if you are looking for a place to held an event. So as a conclusion (feels like writing an essay :P), please visit this restaurant and i promise you that you will have a remarkable eating experience!!


Tamarind Hill, 19 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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